korero GmbH offers customized consulting services to support companies in overcoming current and future challenges in the energy industry.

Our experts have in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grids & regulatory requirements.


Together towards a sustainable energy future.

With korero GmbH, you have a partner at your side who will help you to fully exploit the potential of the energy industry and successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Together we will create a sustainable, future-oriented energy supply that meets the needs of companies and society.

We help with all questions relating to the rollout of smart metering systems
We keep track of the energy industry processes for you
We are your contact for the integration of controllable intelligence behind the electricity meter
We are highly qualified contacts for your challenges and business models relating to electromobility
When integrating systems, we know the processes and take on numerous market roles for you
We keep track of what is currently probably the biggest challenge in the energy industry for you
Regulatory specialists, engineers and physicists from our company will help you on your way to climate neutrality
Für die Reduktion von CO2 in Ihren Prozessen oder den Ihrer Kunden haben wir die passenden Ansätze
Wir helfen bei den richtigen Entscheidungen rund um die Gateway Administration