korero GmbH offers comprehensive consulting services to guide automotive manufacturers and suppliers through the transition to electromobility, autonomous driving and connected vehicles.

Our experts support you in the development and implementation of innovative strategies, optimize your production processes and promote the integration of new technologies.


Automotive Transformation

The future of the automotive industry is digital and connected.
korero is your partner on the road to intelligent mobility.

Our experts help you to identify the right technologies, develop innovative business models and optimize your value chain. We ensure that you are not only prepared for the challenges of today, but can also take advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.

Legal requirements, business models, back-end functionalities. Feel free to contact us about this and all other aspects of e-mobility
Battery technology is not only playing an increasingly important role in electromobility. In addition to traditional solutions, we are also familiar with all the trends in storage technologies
Get an idea of our platform on the subject of electromobility with many interesting evaluation options
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